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The most visible role of the fire company is responding to emergencies throughout Bethel Park. However there are many different ways members contribute to the community. With activities ranging from fire prevention and safety talks to parades, there are various capacities in which one may contribute. Consider joining the fire company if you’re interested in becoming a valuable asset to the community and are looking for a great sense of fulfillment. Membership is open to residents or property owners of Bethel Park, with a minimum age of 18.


There are several ways you can learn more on how to become a Bethel Park Firefighter:

  • Call 412-835-1127 and choose menu option 3 to leave your name and phone number and member of the Fire Company will contact you.
  • Leave a email message for the Membership Committee at
  • The Fire Company holds fire training drills every Monday evening at 6:30pm at our main station located at 5213 Brightwood Rd.  Feel free to stop in and and talk to a member to learn more about the Fire Company.

Why Join the Bethel Park Volunteer Fire Department?

While we can’t offer you any pay, we can offer a wide range of other things. Camaraderie, purpose, a feeling of making a difference, motivation, a second family to count on, a way to give back to your community every day, an opportunity to ride on fire trucks and use sirens, a chance to become a hero, cool helmets, free use of our gym, and yes we do provide some benefits like life insurance. We are a family friendly organization as most of our members have kids at home, so we do understand busy schedules and that your kids will likely want to come visit the fire trucks with you, sometimes.

We provide everything you will need so this doesn’t cost you anything but some of your time. We need you! To get more information please email us at or send us a message on Facebook.

Receive a Full Scholarship from CCAC for Volunteering