Established July 27, 1927, Bethel Park Volunteer Fire Company operated with 11 members, from a private residence and garage, with a Model T that was not fully equipped. The first station, a wood-framed building, located at the corner of Mesta Street and Brightwood Road, on the property owned by C. W. Linepensel, opened in February, 1929. A second pumper, a Howe Diamond “T” was received in February, 1929. The pump had to be rebuilt in 1930, when the station’s pot belly stove went out and the pump froze. 

In February, 1930, the building was moved across Mesta Street onto the property of R. Sleepy. The fire company purchased lot 29 on Brightwood Road, but did not relocate the building until May, 1933. The building was rolled on pipes to the current location by the fire fighters. In 1940, with population reaching 5,900, the fire company bought their third pumper, a 1940 American LaFrance 500gpm Pumper for $6.000. In September, 1940, the first meeting was held in the second block and brick building, that contained two bays, and an open meeting room in the center. In October, 1940, the first bingo games were held, and in April, 1945, the property on the south side of the fire house was purchased. 

In 1954, with a population over 11,000 residents, the third building was located at the current location of Brightwood Station. The 14,500 square foot building served as the BPVFC Headquarters for sixty years. The population in 1960 grew to 23,650 and with more growth predicted, an old gas station was purchased in 1969. Milford Station opened in 1970 at the north end of town. Clifton Station was built from the ground up at the south end of town and opened in 1979 when population reached 34,758 residents. Since 1927 the population of Bethel Park has increased by 482%.

The old Brightwood Station responded to its last call on March 3, 2014 at 12:19 in the afternoon and signed off the air that evening at 9:17pm. BPVFC’s Brightwood Station was temporarily relocated to Kieffer Coal & Supply on West Library Avenue, next to the Police Station. The fire company operated from there for 839 days, fielding 980 calls. The newest station opened June 18, 2016. This building is over 21,000 square feet and includes overnight facilities to provide firefighters with a place to rest when they are on standby for major calls and emergencies.

Today Bethel Park is 11.7 miles, with a population of 32,000 residents, and has an annual budget of 48,000,000. There are more than 13,362 households, with over 9,540 families residing in the borough. Bethel Park  is divided into nine wards, with a Mayor and 9 Council Members.