Bethel Park
Volunteer Fire Company

Bethel Park Fire Company does not have paid firefighters but we do serve our community through the dedication of our volunteers.

Become a Firefighter

Consider joining the fire company if you’re interested in becoming a valuable asset to the community and are looking for a great sense of fulfillment. Membership is open to residents or property owners of Bethel Park, with a minimum age of 18.

Why Donate?

Did you know that it costs over $8,000 to outfit one firefighter with a full set of firefighting gear? Your donations are used to purchase necessary equipment and training that our firefighters use to help you.

Your donations are greatly appreciated. We strive to provide excellent fire protection and rescue services to our community, and your donation helps us accomplish this goal of excellence. We thank you for your generosity.

I Would Like To Donate

You may mail a check donation to: 

Bethel Park Volunteer Fire Department
5213 Brightwood Road
Bethel Park, PA 15102